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Opponents To Walker, Do Not Touch!

Opponents To Walker, Do Not Touch!

WIsconsin’s Governor Scott Walker is ruffling feathers again, and this time he has gotten a response from God.

The newspaper headlines “Opponents to Walker, do not touch!” is in reference to his stance on this state’s rent to own policies.

His views have brought a response from Milwaukee’s Roman Catholic Archbishop and a Republican State Senator, among many others.

Seems this governor is always ruffling someone’s feathers, but this time he may be stepping in a direction that could be bad for all consumers in his state.

Governors views on Rent To Own companies

It is a sticky subject, and one that needs to be clarified. Mr. Walker has introduced a measure with his budget that would exclude these businesses from reporting their exorbitant interest rates Asuransi Sinar Mas.

While 47 states have laws that regulate these businesses separately Wisconsin is one of three, the other two being new Jersey and North Carolina that do not.

People are very upset that he would even try to get this through, but he says his reasons are valid.

These services do not qualify to fall under Wisconsin’s Consumer Protection Act according to company spokesmen, and Walker agrees.

Where to go from here?

What is really needed is a clarification of current laws and if not covered by them these practices need to be regulated by new laws.

They prey on the poor and unfortunate people who are disabled and people with language barriers.

They take serious advantage of them for profit.

If asked companies will state they offer services that these people can not get elsewhere, but they do not tell you why these people can not get credit. Most can not manage it.

Mr. Walker has stated that the joint finance committee can pull his proposal out of the budget, but does anyone really think that will happen? Money talks, and it talks loud.

There is hope, but people need to speak out!

This proposal has ruffled many feathers, and they are speaking out. Senator Glen Grothman, R, West Bend, Archbishop Jerome Listecki,WISPIRG director and many others are speaking out against this.

It is time for people to take a stand and open their eyes to what is going on in our government, and take a stand to correct it.

Lets hope that this will not carry over to payday loan laws. We are wanting to go in the right direction, and this proposal is anything but.

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