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Payday Loan Trouble Is On The Rise

Payday Loan Trouble Is On The Rise

Payday loan trouble is on the rise and more and more people are finding themselves in the poor house and in some cases no house at all!

Every day people are finding themselves so far in debt and trapped by these loans that many have gone as far as filing bankruptcy and selling their houses.

I know this picture of a homeless girl is gut wrenching and extremely sad, but the truth is people in debt are letting this happen on a daily basis and while this is a bit extreme it is one of the realities of not managing your money wisely.

Houses are being sold and people are ending up homeless due to out of control payday loan debt and it is our intention to make sure we help as many people as possible get out from under this kind of debt.

Be Careful!

First let me address the fact that there are safe ways to use payday loans and you can read our post on Safe Payday Loans-The Facts by clicking here.

This post will explain how to use payday loans safely and what to watch out for.

What do we mean by be careful!

Well, there are so many ways you can get caught in the payday loan trap and end up defaulting on your loans and once this happens the heat starts coming from the collectors and they can really pour it on.

Once you are in default they will start calling you and they will threaten you with everything from sending someone over to collect the debt to having you arrested!

Relax and take a big breath, they can and will do neither. They talk big and act like every other bully on the block acts, but they really are all air.

Are The Threats Real?

They will sound real and they will scare you, but for the most part, they are not real at all, they are just tactics they use to scare people into paying them.

They like to holler into the phone, just like you would expect from a bully.

They will ask you to do almost anything to get you to cover the money owed including but not limited to borrowing money, taking out another loan, selling your house and belongings, pawning your valuables and anything else they can think of but you do not have to do any of the above.

They are supposed to follow the laws just like everyone else but they rarely do and in many places where payday loans are illegal the online stores just keep on working. With many of them based overseas there is not much the laws of this country (USA) can do to stop them.

They will call you at work, call your friends and family and the references you used to get the loan and this is annoying and embarrassing to say the least, but it is all talk, and we can show you how quickly all of this kind of activity can be stopped.

What To Do?

For starters, the first thing we want you to do is ignore them.

By that we mean do not engage them whatsoever and ignore the calls and threats and instead take control back by taking action yourself.

You have come to the right place to call off these pesky collectors, and the action we want you to take is by being proactive with this debt.

Simply fill out this form and we will get you a free no-obligation quote and explain how we can help you achieve this.

We are on your side and make it our business to get into their business, so to speak and we WILL call them off and stop all collection activity!


Unless you take action and get help dealing with these collectors, you will end up pulling your hair out and just get more and more annoyed by these fools.

We have had people tell us of 100 calls in one day, some have lost their jobs due to the harassing calls from the collectors and yes, some have even sold all their belongings and filed bankruptcy.

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